Chicago Culinary Provider Begins Food Service Amid COVID-19

June 23, 2020

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Food is a culinary training provider that is helping Chicagoan’s pursuing a career in food or looking to open their own business. Food wants to make Chicago food businesses more successful. Food aims to help food businesses grow through brand experience, staff competency, training quality and effectiveness, and career growth promotion. Food offers both e-Courses and in-person teaching that help with training and labor costs, guest satisfactions, and sales.

Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, Food has taken a step from certified training and decided to launch Cocina Rx – an initiative started by Food that aims to help cook healthy and nutritional foods on the West Side of Chicago. Cocina Rx next phase is “medically tailored foods” to meet individual needs and preferences with the assistance of registered dietitian. The goal is to help black and brown communities by making healthy meals for the communities, and they also aim to virtually teach how to make meals from home via Telehealth chef coaching. It is important for everyone to try and boost their immune system through nutritional foods. Cocina RX wants to make sure people are more health conscious when it comes down to what is being consumed. Black and brown communities specifically, are targeted by various health problems. In Chicago specifically, about 75% of all chronic illnesses can be reversed with healthy food. Food advocates that food has the potential to be as effective as medicine. Cocina RX is inspired by the saying “Cocina Maestra,” which translates to “Food is our teacher.” It aims to teach individuals to look for a connection with food and to see what the food is telling us.

Cocina Rx meals are tailored to each individual needs. To join CocinaRx, a person can visit and sign up. From there, speak to a CocinaRx representative and customize your meal prep for pick up or delivery.

For more information, visit