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La Villita Chamber of Commerce has supported us, from solving small things, obtaining important information to obtaining scholarships from the city to continue growing and helping us to give more jobs in the community. I am very grateful for the support they provide to our business. and to the whole community.

FourStar Branding

FourStar Branding is honored and grateful for the opportunity to collaborate with the Little Village Chamber of Commerce under the leadership of Blanca Soto, Executive Director and the Little Village Community Foundation Kim Close, Director of Programming. Through our collaboration, we are able to launch our Branding Hub Program which services our Little Village small business community. As we continue to navigate our Business of Color Partnership, FourStar Branding will continue to empower, ignite, increase, and promote our Little Village business community to a higher advertising industry standard.

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La Orquidea

La Villita Chamber of Commerce has not only been a support for the growth and expansion of Florería La Orquídea, but it has personally helped me to force myself as an entrepreneur and leader in the Latino community. La Villita Chamber of Commerce team has focused on continually supporting us and teaching us to believe in our dreams and ideals in order to provide jobs in our community and serve as mentors to young entrepreneurs. As well as providing us with services, programs and investments to continue the development of our businesses. I am proud to be part of this team whose mission is to promote, assist and diffuse the growth of our community. I am very grateful for believing in myself and the team at La Orquidea Florist. Thank you so much!