Social Media Toolkit 2024

It's easy to promote
in your business social media

We will design it for you!. Just pick images or videos in this page, add your logo, email us your choices, and we will reply with posts ready-to-publish in your platforms!.. 

1. Pick from the gallery of images or reels

Choose the images or videos from the gallery in this page, selecting the Images or videos that wish to use in your social media to promote the parade.

Please send us an email. Write down the names of the images and videos you want us to add your logo on in the email you just started.

We will bespoke Parade promo posts or  Parade promo reels with your logo, in order to promote #TheMexicanParade in your social media app.


2. Add your logo

In the e-mail, please don't forget to attach your company logo. Add your company hashtags if necessary too.

3. Email us

Send the e-mail to
with the subject: Promos for TheMexicanParade for (include your company name).

In 1 or 2 business days, you will receive in an email the requested material to publish on your business's social networks, which will carry your company logo, in order to promote the parade.

4. Receive the promos with your logo

In the response that we send you with your company's promotional messages via email, captions will be added for each of the publications, including hashtags dedicated to the event.

5. Post in your Social Media platforms

Just upload the promotional post to each one of the platforms with the captions we provided and get ready to enjoy the Annual 26th Mexican Independence Day Parade - Sunday, September 16th, 2024.

Social Media Pictures (1080x1080)

Instagram / Facebook Posts - Portrait or square dimensions
1080 px by 1080 px


Social Media Graphics (1080x1080)

Instagram / Facebook Posts - Portrait or square dimensions
1080 px by 1080 px


Social Media Pictures (1350x1080)

Instagram / Facebook Posts - Landscape dimensions
1350 px by 1080 px



Facebook / LinkedIn Image - Profile Cover Photo - 1200 px by 630 px


Additional materials:
Animated GIF for messaging apps

Download these animated GIFs to promote Mexican Traditions and to promote our 2024 parade.