December 29, 2018


Xquina:  The Little Village Solution to the Little Village Challenge

Vision: XQuina Café aims to be an exceptional and thriving ecosystem for the economic growth of Latino Communities.

Mission: Become a catalyst for the 26th Street community and commercial business owners by leveraging resources to expand youth entrepreneurial learning, coaching and mentorship, and access to capital.

Why Little Village?

Little Village is home primarily to immigrant Mexican-Americans families who are at the forefront of new business start-ups, whether by choice or necessity. The 26th Street corridor is a vibrant example of the immigrant story and the American Dream. These residents have a willingness to take risk, work hard and dream big to improve their future. 

Ages: 18-45 “Young Millenials”  30,000
Income: Low Income/LMI Median Income $33,190-$44,250
Work Status: Community Workforce
Schooling: 8th Grade Education +29,550; College +6,807
Work Experience:  
Citizenship: Community Residents +100,000

Challenges:  The demographics of Little Village paint a picture of the challenges our young workforce faces.  Lack of higher education, lack of capital and lack of work experience.  This isn’t the entire picture!!  Our workforce has so much to offer and creating the right mix of resources and development tools set the stage for a strong, relevant workforce to capture the potential of the new economy.

Solving Problems Together Market Growth for Stakeholders
Innovation Help Solve Digital Divide (Information)
Women Entrepreneurs Content + Capacity (Stories)
Opportunities and Learning for Youth Specialized Service or Products (Millenials)
Bilingual Business Coaching Earn trust with commercial corridor (Engagement)
Access to Capital Define market fit, offer solutions (Capacity Building)
Team Building Take advantage of employee resources (ERG)
Place for Interaction Invest in a cultural amenity (Data)

Opportunities:  The Little Village of Chamber of Commerce created XQUINA CAFÉ, a sustainable public-private partnership project, focused on actionable and measurable outcomes that demonstrate a clear ROI for the Chicago Neighborhood Opportunity Fund. XQUINA CAFÉ will be both a commercial and cultural amenity that will enhance the quality of life through an open, accessible and inclusive learning environment—that provides bilingual, adaptable training and coaching for current and emerging businesses, the working class, and local youth.

XQUINA Deliverables
Program/Workshop Attendance
Mentorship Hours
Micro Feed Back(Surveys)
Content Impressions (Social Media)
Omni- Channel throughput (podcasts, radio, Facebook)
Workforce Programs

Value Proposition: We will help solve the challenges of the Little Village Community by offering a cultural amenity that is focused on continuously improving programs and co-creating an ecosystem with Stakeholders that can be measured and improved.