December 29, 2018

LV Community Foundation

The Little Village Community Foundation was founded in August 2018.  It is designed to be the governing body of the Xquina Café and Incubator.  The Little Village Chamber of Commerce was awarded an Neighborhood Opportunity Fund Grant to deliver Xquina.  The project is scheduled to open June 2019. 


The Little Village Community Foundation (The Foundation) supports and encourages economic growth, educational opportunities and vibrant wellness for the future of Little Village. 


1. The Foundation provides culturally relevant programming, bilingual resources, workforce training, and access to capital for current and emerging entrepreneurs that invest in our community. 

2. The Foundation provides leadership and investments to assist with digital divide and tech insecurity for youth and businesses in our community. 


Juntos Emprendemos is the Foundation’s signature 10-week cohort based entrepreneurship program aimed at monolingual Spanish speaking business owners.  The Foundation will execute 4 cohorts a year with 12 students per cohort.  We will deliver the program with the help of experts in the subject matter. 

Youth Entrepreneurship (Tech Bridge) is aimed at participants between the ages of 16-24.  Tech Bridge is a workforce development program that centers around digital divide content.  The Foundation plans to run the program twice a year with a cohort size of 10 students. 


The Foundation plans to offer 4 workshops a month sponsored by our partnering agencies.  These workshops will cover topics from Financial Literacy to access to Capital.  We will design a schedule with office hours for volunteer mentors to coach the incubator clients and community entrepreneurs. 

Workforce Development/Procurement Programs

The Foundation will promote two Workforce Development/Procurement Programs per year designed to help people from the community obtain jobs and further their careers. 


The Foundation is committed to the growth and expansion of arts and culture within the community of Little Village. 


The Foundation is partnered with Metropolitan Family Services to deliver a Playful Learning Landscape in Little Village. A Learning Landscape is a project that transforms everyday spaces where families work, play and live into opportunities for learning.