March 7, 2019

Learning Landscape

Playful Learning Fact Sheet

Playful Learning is a collaborative project that transforms everyday public spaces where families work, play, and live into opportunities for learning. Playful learning takes moments such as waiting for the bus, passing time at the laundromat, or waiting at the doctor’s office and turns them into fun learning experiences for both children and their families.

Playful Learning Goals:

The Playful Learning project encourages playful interactions between children and caregivers that support school readiness and lifelong learning. Playful learning experiences support:

  • Motor skill development
  • Early math skills
  • Social emotional skills
  • Curiosity and exploration
  • Creative thinking
  • And much more!


Large scale puzzle installations at bus stops that sparks children’s curiosity and spurs language development
A hop-scotch style activity that engages children’s memory and planning abilities.

How it works:

Installations are being planned for Little Village (Chicago). We need community residents and stakeholders to help identify sites and customize installations that reflect the needs and interest of the community. The project is fully funded at no cost to communities.

Find out more!

Metropolitan Family Services is partnering with the Little Village Community Foundation to deliver the Learning Landscape the project. If you live in one of the communities and/or are interested in learning more, please contact project director, Nataly Barrera, at or call 630-294-9993 or Kim Close, at or call 773-521-5387.